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Welcome to the Men of God International web site. We focus on keeping Christ the center of all we do and that includes the use of this site. When clicking links the content will be displayed in the below section, so you may need to scroll down in order to see the results. This site is in an "work in progress" state, so please feel free to give suggestions and feedback by emailing them to sheba@menofgod.us. We want this site to be a resource of knowledge and fellowship. Enjoy !
John 15:5
"I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing."
John 3:16
Philippians 4:13
"I can do all things through him who strengthens me."
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03-15-2016 - by sheba
Men of God Server Maintenance starting 3/15/16 PM. Please see forums for updates.
Server Maintenance is complete.

11-16-2015 - by sheba
Men of God TeamSpeak has been updated. Drop by TeamSpeak.MenofGod.us TS3 Server and have a look.

I am pleased to announce that Men of God will be in Fellowship with FSLAN in their attempt to create a VOIP Community of gamers. So when you join our TeamSpeak you will notice there are no longer gaming channels as we have done in the past. Instead you will find information about joining the FSLAN TeamSpeak community to fellowship with other gamers. Men of God members will be granted admin rights on the server, so we can use it to further His Kingdom when called to. But our TeamSpeak will still be in full swing to support our gaming servers and ministry needs.

Come join us and fellowship for Christs Glory.

06-15-2015 - by sheba
MenofGod server is going offline this weekend to support a local LAN Party, FSLAN.com. Our server will be used to bless about 60 gamers at FSLAN Fort Smith, Arkansas. We will be hosting servers, music, and food for the event. This means our TeamSpeak server and MenofGod Radio will be offline during this event, which is Thursday evening (06/18/15 - Midnight) until Sunday (06/21/15 - sometime). Please keep us in prayers during this event that all goes smoothly and He will be a presence in that place.

11-27-2014 - by sheba
Happiest of Thanksgiving to you all. What a year to be thankful.... He is so Good. Make sure to give Him Thanks and Praise for ALL that He does. Many Blessings go out to our soldiers in uniform for what all they do for our Country, States, Cities, and Civilians. So many Blessings to be thankful for, but the one that should be on tops is Salvation. Without It we would not have anything to be thankful for. Thank You Jesus for Your sacrifice to pay for our filthy sins so that we may live forever in Your Kingdom. Every one of us are filthy sinners that deserve death and damnation, but what a thankful Blessing it is to know He paid the price.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

09-14-2014 - by sheba
*** UPDATE ***
We will be offering FREE PC Games in a giveaway to support our followers on Twitch.tv. The first giveway will happen once we get 50 followers on Twitch.tv, our channel is MenofGodus. We will take all our followers and "draw from a hat" live on Twitch.tv, which then that person will have the chance to pick from our stock of game titles which one they want. Start following us today !!

Men of God is proud to announce we have joined the Twitch.tv arena. Please watch us, schedule to come, as we stream using Twitch.tv. Link to the player is on the top menu or you can search for us on Twitch.tv by our name, MenofGodus. Ability to streaming is open to all MoG members. The upcoming schedule will allow for you to vote on what game/day/time you would like us to stream. Have a game you want to see played? Want a review of a game live with the ability to ask questions along the way? Want to see our ministry in action online?

08-07-2014 - by sheba
Game to look forward to? What about Toxikk? If they can just get with the true dedicated server program this one looks to be a very good game.

Or what about The Crew? A driving game that adds a completely different look on meeting people. Not sure on VOIP abilities, but there has got to be a way to share the Gospel in this game.

01-27-2014 - by sheba
MenofGod Radio OFFLINE. Due to server issues the MenofGod radio will be offline for a few days. Hopes are to have it back online by the end of this week.

*** UPDATE *** 1/30/14
Found out there was an issue with the version of ShoutCast Server that was running. It would reboot the entire server for no reason what so ever, not even showing anything in the event log. So I have moved over to the latest version of ShoutCast and we are now streaming again. Hopefully this will have resolved the issue. If not I will be in need to taking it offline again. But for now, it is up and running again. Thanks for your patients and enjoy His noise.

01-11-2014 - by sheba
Looking for a server to play with friends and even make new friends? Play a game and find it hard finding a server that is a setup in a Christian environment? Know of a game that needs a server that can offer a safe place to play? Let us know ! God will provide, let Him.

11-28-2013 - by sheba
Happy Thanksgiving to all. God sure does bless us and we have much to be thankful for. Make sure to give Him the thanks He deserves, as ALL things are a gift from Him. Even just getting up the in morning to have another day to be that light in dark places for Him is a gift. May your day be filled with many Blessings. Happy Thanksgiving from Men of God to you and yours.

10-25-2013 - by sheba
UPDATE !!! The new site format is in place, but still has test data and no registration. I needed to get this in place so I can start the DB work. Please be patient as the site is put together. We have a MoG Radio up, TeamSpeak running, and working on servers. So far I am working on a MW3 server, so you may see it up and running. Let me know if you want to help in any fashion, sure could use it. ;) Just email sheba@menofgod.us. God Bless and see you online.

10-15-2013 - by sheba
This new site is STILL currently being constructed. I'm so sorry for the delay and appreciate your patients. I wanted to give you an update on what has been going on. Well, we have our own dedicated server now !!!!! With it I am moving TeamSpeak over to it, work in progress, as well as Men of God RADIO is now LIVE and streaming. Gaming servers will be following soon, so please let me know what you would like to see put up for play. If you can offer suggestions please email them to sheba@menofgod.us.

Men of God Radio information: Search for ShoutCast name MenofGod or MoG and you will find it or type in your media player the URL http://radio.menofgod.us:8008 or your browser to connect to the ShoutCast server, which will allow your to download the .pls file to stream. Once connected and listening you can use this link, Men of God Radio, to queue the next song(s) that you would like to hear. Enjoy and God Bless! Bare with us as the songs tags are being reworked and cleaned up. There will also be coming an in-browser player. You can also currently stream using your mobile device.